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Scroll down below the “AP Class” information for AP Forms, Software, & Training Materials, including IN Wing AP Video Recordings required for the upcoming AP Class on 17-18 March 2018.


IN Wing Aerial Photography Class & Air Sorties

17 – 18 March 2018 @ Indianapolis “Executive” Airport (KTYQ), 11329 E. State Road 32, Zionsville, IN 46077

Approximately 0900 – 1700 both days.

  • What is required?:
    • Review training material BEFORE class
    • Class will include additional instruction/information to that available online, but will not include full “PowerPoint” presentations. You must do some preparatory training on your own, in advance.
    • Video recordings of training material are available immediately below this class information.  It is highly recommended you use these video recordings for additional information than that which is found only in the NESA PowerPoint slides.  These recordings also parse some information from those slides that are no longer relevant.
    • Additional training material for reference:
  • Who is this for?:  
    • All, Fully Qualified Aircrew Members
      • Must be at least fully qualified Mission Scanner BEFORE signing up (NOT in training status – 101 Card must show MS fully qualified)
    • Highly recommended for ALL aircrew members, Pilots included!
    • Available for brand new AP Trainees, with or without Familiarization & Preparatory Training complete
      • Available for Trainees needing advanced Tasks and/or air sorties
    • Available for qualified APs wanting renewal, refresher/practice, &/or the latest information
  • What is included?:
    • Funded Air Training Sorties will be available to participants.
      • Air Sorties will include introduction to, and practice with, “long run photo shoots” to simulate those sorties flown for Hurricane Harvey and other similar Disaster Relief missions, which require photos to be taken every 1-3 seconds along designated routes.
    • Funded Ground Travel for those members travelling more than 50 miles one way, currently limited to 1 round trip.  Please carpool as much as possible to reduce expenses and so we have more funds for flying.
    • Note:  Air travel sorties are NOT authorized unless specifically approved by IN Wing Director of ES
  • When:
    • 17 – 18 March 2018
    • Starting at 0900, running until approximately 1700, as needed both days
    • If all the needed training and flying can be accomplished on Saturday, we will not hold class on Sunday
    • Note that lodging is NOT funded – If you need to stay overnight, hotel costs will be at your own expense. However, because some trainees may be able to finish the first day, you may want to wait to reserve a hotel until you know if you will definitely need to stay overnight (check hotel cancellations policy).
  • Where:
    • Indianapolis Executive Airport (KTYQ)
    • 11329 E. State Road 32, Zionsville, IN 46077


AP Forms, Links, Software & Training Materials

  • Forms

Thank you to Maj Jim Buist, Maj Kevin Ratcliff, Maj Dean Roller, and 1st Lt David Robinson, all from IN Wing, for their parts in recording the following AP video presentations.  Additional thanks to Maj Jim Iddins and Capt John Webber for their input as we prepared for this project.

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