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Welcome to the 2020 Indiana Wing Encampment Website!

The 2020 Indiana/Kentucky Wing Encampment will be held at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, 7-13 June 2020.

Some Exciting news!  We have invited our neighbors from Kentucky Wing to join us for this year’s encampment.  This will not only increase the number of students, but also allow for additional leadership opportunities for cadet and senior staff.  Applications for cadet staff will open soon.


The 2020 Indiana/Kentucky Wing Summer Encampment is looking for a few good senior members!  As a reminder, the encampment will be held at Camp Atterbury JMTC from 7-13 June, 2020.  Senior staff officers are asked to report on 6 June for training prior to the start of encampment.

We are now accepting applications for senior members to assist with the production of this year’s summer encampment.  We have a number of positions available, and are looking not only for section heads to supervise and lead each section, but assistants are always welcome.

  • Chief Training Officer (formerly called chief TAC officer
  • Training Officer (formerly TAC officer) – up to 12 are needed
  • Finance Officer
  • Administrative Officer
  • Logistics Officer
  • Transportation Officer
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Health Services Officer
  • Chaplains
  • Scheduling Officer
  • Kitchen Staff

Job descriptions and typical duties are outlined HERE. If you see a position that interests you, but don’t think you meet the qualifications, reach out to us. We have a command team that has many years of encampment experience. We can find a position to suits your needs, or train you into a new area.

Whether you’re new to CAP, or an experienced veteran, I would encourage you to come out to encampment for the week, or even a few days to see one of the best parts of the cadet program in action.

Interested applicants are asked to email a letter of interest outlining what positions you’d like to


Dates for this year’s encampment have bee confirmed as 7-13 June 2020.  Due to a large exercise scheduled at Camp Atterbury in July, our facilities weren’t available, and this was the latest possible date.

We will be conducting interviews for cadet executive staff soon.

3 November 2019

Congratulations to 1st Lt Zachary Griswold on being selected assistant commandant of cadets.

I am pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for cadet executive staff for the 2020 Indiana Wing Summer encampment.  Dates for encampment have been confirmed as 7-13 June 2020 at Camp Atterbury.  Cadet staff will be expected to report to encampment on 4 July 2020.

Interested and qualified candidates must submit a CAP resume, letter of intent and a CAPF 31 signed by your squadron commander (group and wing if applying from outside of Indiana Wing).  Application packets should be submitted to no later than 2359 EST on 20 November 2019.

Interviews will be scheduled as soon as possible afterwards.

Position Descriptions:

Encampment Cadet Commander:  Responsible for supervising and directing the cadet students and cadre.  Participates in the selection and training of subordinate cadet cadre members.  Leads cadet cadre training activities before and during encampment.  Leads morning PT for cadet cadre officers, as well as mail call, and evening PT for the cadet encampment.  Leads the cadet encampment at the Pass In Review ceremony.  Assists in the selection of awards for encampment performance.  Conducts daily cadet staff meetings during encampment.  Speaks at the encampment welcome briefing and graduation ceremony.  Performs other duties as assigned by the Encampment Command Staff.  Reports directly to the Encampment Commandant of Cadets.  Minimum grade upon arrival at encampment:  Cadet Captain.

Encampment Cadet Deputy Commander:  Responsible for supervising and directing the cadet cadre.  Works with the Curriculum and Plans Officer to ensure that required training elements are accomplished and that the encampment proceeds according to the training schedule.  Performs other duties as assigned by the Encampment Cadet Commander.  Minimum grade upon arrival at encampment:  Cadet First Lieutenant.

Encampment Cadet Executive Officer:  Responsible for coordinating and directing the cadet support cadre.  Works in conjunction with the squadron staff to ensure that inspection scores are properly recorded.  Performs other duties as assigned by the Encampment Cadet Commander.  Minimum grade upon arrival at encampment:  Cadet First Lieutenant.

Encampment Cadet First Sergeant:  Responsible for coordinating with the cadet NCO chain of command.  Responsible for leading the cadet encampment through morning PT.  Ensures all training and instruction are in compliance with encampment curriculum and other directives (CAPM 39-1, Drill & Ceremonies manual, etc).  Assists with other executive staff duties as directed by the cadet commander.  Minimum grade to apply:  C/MSgt, Maximum grade upon arrival at encampment:  C/CMSgt.

16 October 2019

Even though we’re about 9-10 months away from gathering at Camp Atterbury for summer encampment, planning is well underway!  A lot of work goes into putting encampment together, and it’s almost a year-round process.

Dates for next year’s encampment are still not definite, though we anticipate it will fall somewhere around the first week of July, 2020.  We will announce the dates once they have been confirmed.

That being said, it gives me great pleasure to announce the command team for next year’s summer encampment:

  • Commander:  Lt Col Chris Freytag
  • Deputy Commander:  Capt Tony Vining
  • Executive Officer:  1st Lt Mike Terry
  • Commandant of Cadets:  Capt Ed Butler

We are also looking to fill the position of assistant commandant of cadets this year.  This person would work directly with the commandant of cadets and the rest of the command team with the purpose of learning the position and mentoring under the guidance of experienced members to take on increased responsibility within the command structure.  Prior encampment experience as a senior member is required.  If you are interested, please submit a letter of intent and CAP resume outlining your experience to no later than 31 October 2019.

I’m already excited for next year’s encampment, and I’m looking forward to working with everyone again!  It may not seem like it, but encampment will be here before we know it.

For quickest response, please direct all encampment email correspondence to

Lt Col Chris Freytag
Encampment Commander

Capt Anthony Vining
Deputy Commander

Capt Edward Butler
Commandant of Cadets

1st Lt Zachary Griswold
Assistant Commandant of Cadets

Cadet Commander

Cadet Deputy Commander

Cadet Executive Officer

Cadet First Sergeant

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